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ID Number A.2012.702.004
Description "Descendants of Job Caswell of Newport, RI"
compiled by William S. Caswell, Jr.

Thomas Caswell, born 1623 in Somerset, England, married Mary and they had 12 children. The second child was Thomas Caswell, born 1650/51. He was the father of Job Caswell, born before 1700 in Taunton, MA. He went to Newport, RI in 1720 ; was a carpenter, married and had 14 children.

In 1805, William Caswell married Sarah Chappell of Jamestown.
Philip Caswell III was born March 21,1827 in Jamestown,RI

Mary Caswell, born 1831 in Jamestown, married Oliver Hopkins in Jamestown and they are both buried in Cedar Cemetery, Jamestown.

Albert Caswell, born 1837 in Jamestown is buried in Newport.

Henry Clay Caswell, born 1842 in Jamestown, married Julia Ann Carr, they had 2 children

William R. Caswell, Jr., born about 1828 in Jamestown, occupation Seaman, married Sarah Eaton and had 8 children.

James C. Caswell, born 1828, Jamestown, married Phebe Ann Rose-they had 3 children

William Field Caswell, born 1865 in New York, married Robie Hopkins Knowles in Jamestown 1890. They had 6 children and lived in Jamestown.

Clarence Grant Caswell, born 1874 in Newport, RI, married Ella Hazard Weede in Jamestown 1895.They had 3 children.

Elnora May Caswell, born 1869 in Jamestown, married Clifford Salisbury in Jamestown 1892.

Nettie Cornelia Caswell, born1871, married Charles Edward Hull in Jamestown 1891. Nettie died 1902 ,Jamestown,. Charles married Sarah Alice Watson in Jamestown, 1904

Norman Field Caswell, born 1892 in Jamestown, married Anna Francis Gladding of Jamestown 1917.They lived on North Rd and had 3 children.

Frederic Chester Caswell, born 1895,Jamestown, married Hannah W. Grinnell 1928. They had 3 children. In 1936 they were living at 11 Howland Ave., Jamestown ; and both are buried in Cedar Cemetery, Jamestown.

William Stuart Caswell, born 1898, Jamestown, married Lillian Dora Bouchard in 1922 They had 3 children and in 1936 were living at 13 Knowles Court, Jamestown. They are buried at Cedar Cemetery, Jamestown.

Elizabeth Adaline Caswell, born 1903, Jamestown, married William E. Beldan 1934. They had 2 children.

Sherman Clarke Caswell, born1907, Jamestown, married Eleanor Catherine Jewett 1930. They had 4 children.

Albert Hazard Caswell, born 1900, Jamestown, married Katherine Holt and they had 3 children.

Charles Lawrence Hull, born1894, Jamestown, married Lillie A. Ellis and they had 1 child. Both are buried in Cedar Cemetery, Jamestown.

Harold Chester Hull, born 1897, Jamestown, married

Russell Walker Caswell, born 1923, Rhode Island, married Jean Fleischer 1946 and they had 2 children. Russell is buried in Cedar Cemetery, Jamestown.

John Easton Caswell, Born 1930, Rhode Island, married Janet Louise Knight. They had 3 children, one of whom (Janet Louise "Snooky" Caswell) was a victim of a hit-and-run while walking on North Main Rd., Jamestown.

Frederic C. Caswell, Jr., born 1929, Rhode Island, married Ruth Farrington. They had 3 children and lived in Jamestown in 1994.

Francis William Caswell, born 1932, Rhode Island, married Diane Cartier and they had 5 children. They were living in Jamestown in 1994.

Nancy Lane Caswell, born 1937, married_____Bailey and they had 3 children. She later married _____Mason, Jamestown. 1982, 1994

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