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ID Number A2006.021.001
Description 50 pages (numbered from 1 to 40) which details sales . It also provides information on cost and mortgages. A 3x5 card written by Mary Miner says "Dumplings Farm & Ocean Highlands."
Sale and mortgage records
1. Elma W. Dame, Mary Dame, Lois Anna Greene
2. Henry H. Swinburne
3. Wm. T. Richards (2 pages)
Joseph Wharton
4. Joseph L. Farrell to Joseph Wharton
Joseph L. Ferrell to Virginia R. C. McVeagh
5. James Whitall
6. John Marsahall
7. Wistar Morris
8. Joseph Wharton
James L. Ferrell Joseph Wharton
(Mary L. Wharton)
10. Sarah P. Wilson
11. Susan B. Shoemaker, wife of Benjamin H. Shoemaker
12. Wm. V. Keating
13. James M. Wilcox
14. (3 pages) Matilda W. Sword, wife of James B. Sword
15. Russell Houston
16. Henry Clay Statzell
17 (2 pages) Mary Howard Griffith (James W. M. Newlin)
18. James W. M. Newlin
19. Charles A. Dickey, William F. North
20. Louisa A. Larned and Edward H. Ogden
21. Annette E. Tilden and Mary C. Kent and others, Charles B. Bostwick, Louisa Kent, Laura and Mary Bostwick
22. Robert E. Patterson and John B. Colahan Jr.
23. Annie E. Ruff
24. Louisa L. Davis, Sally B. Rice
25. Sally B. Rice and Louisa L. Davis
26. Mary B. C. Lovering
27. Sarah Smith Whelen and George L. Crawford
28. Isaac H. Clothier
29. Mary Cane Agnew
30. Theodoric Porter and R. L. Herntz
31. Harry C. Potter
32. Louisa Lee Andrews and Harry W. Bacon and Thomas Potter
33. John Harrison and George C. Carr
34. Bettie A. Lieber and G. Norman Lieber
35. Benjamin H. Shoemaker
36. Thoma C. Potter and Louisa Lee A. Bacon
37. (3 pages) James B. Sword, Charles A. Mann, Charles E. Langley, Mary E. Mann, Matthew D. Mann, and Emma M. Swan
38. Robert Frazer
39. George and Elizabeth Taylor
40. George W. Bacon and Wistar Morris
Object Name Land evidence
Site Jamestown Historical Society