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Image of T2014.402.046 - September 1,1804

T2014.402.046 - September 1,1804

Town of Jamestown debtor to Thomas Carr for one of a committee to examine the beach records and to ascertain and fix the boundaries of said beaches and let the same. $1.50.

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.055 -

T2014.402.055 -

Statement of Arnold Weeden for payment for materials and labor at various dates for work on the bridge and payment to Benedick Smith for planks and transportation totaling $24.00. Also payment to the town for six months and one year of $22.25 for rental of the beach.

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.076 - October 15, 1808

T2014.402.076 - October 15, 1808

Payment of $2.50 given to Thomas Fowler for fees for letting the town beach.

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.078 - October 20, 1808

T2014.402.078 - October 20, 1808

Statement of Thomas Fowler that agreeable to the town , he has let at $5.00, Mackerel Cove Beach to Daniel Howland, at .75 Ferrie Laine Dock to Sprague Dawley, and .65 the Meeting House Laine Beach to Job Watson.

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.092 - October 21, 1806

T2014.402.092 - October 21, 1806

Payment of $2.55 to John Weeden for letting the Town Beach and foot of Marcy Weeden for $100 at auction as executed on December 2, 1806.

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.112 - 1822

T2014.402.112 - 1822

Record of payment of $4.12 to Daniel Howland for work over a two year period on the roads, a day in Council, and for letting the town beach. June 20, 1824

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2015.600.056 - 04/19/1837

T2015.600.056 - 04/19/1837

The town property let at public auction the roads, seaweed, burial ground and town beach for $53.80 to (?) Samuel C. Cottrell. Registered April 19, 1837, John Remmington, Town Clerk.

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2016.400.200 - November 1, 1852

T2016.400.200 - November 1, 1852

Petition to lay out a road from the East end of the town beach where the road now ends to or near the gate at the south end of Stoney Lane. To the honorable town council of the town of Jamestown, State of Rhode Island. Next to be holden at the Town House on 1st day of November 1852 First: the road is frequently washed out by heavy seas during the spring tide and the bank is eroded by sea action. Secondly: the way of travel is private proper ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of T2017.400.106 - no date

T2017.400.106 - no date

Petition to the Town Council for a public highway from Mackeral Cove Beach to Beaver Tail Light House 60' in width. Signed by tax payers of Jamestown. 2 pages - affixed at top with grommets

Record Type: Archive