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Image of A2006.266.001 - unknown

A2006.266.001 - unknown

Image of the Jamestown letterhead with a sheep on a shield, followed by typewritten notes on the heraldry taken from the State Archives 1989. Handwritten notes by Mary Miner at the top.

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2006.354.001 - 1861

A2006.354.001 - 1861

Copy of "Plan of the Greene Farm in Jamestown on the land of Conanicut , R.I." "Surveyed and drawn by direction of Thomas P. Nichols, Israel Buffington Francis Taylor, Trustees by J.R.Hodges C. Eng. 1861 Two pages which show Homestead on one page and South Pasture and North Pasture on another page

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2008.167.013 - 1899

A2008.167.013 - 1899

"The First Movable Church. The Chapel of the Transfiguration, Conanicut Island, Diocese of Rhode Island. The Only Complete Church on Wheels in the World. Newport, Rhode island. 1899 by Charles E. Preston. There are many illustrations, including Preston and the chapel, the construction car, a drawing of the church plan, other churches in Jamestown, Bishop Thomas March Clark, Seaside Cottage, historic houses (Battey, Carr, Green Farm. Histor ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2008.302.004 - 1704, June 17

A2008.302.004 - 1704, June 17

Handwritten inventory of the possessions of Jonathan Marsh taken on June 17, 1704 by John Hull and Joseph Mory. Marsh died June 10, 1704. The inventory was recorded on July 3, 1704 on pages 100 & 101 of the 1st Book of Land En?dences belonging to Jamestown. The document is also signed by Daniel Coggeshall, head warden and John Weeden, Deputy warden who released John Hull and Joseph Mory from their duties concerning the inventory. On the document, ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2009.601.014 - December 17, 1803

A2009.601.014 - December 17, 1803

Original 1803 survey map showing the original boundaries of the Watson Farm. Size: 20" x 30". Obtained through a trade from Larry DePetrillo.

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2009.956.001 - 1946

A2009.956.001 - 1946

A color print of a painting from 1946 of a dispersal auction scene at Fox Hill Farm held in August 1946. An accomanying letter says that "A well-known American artist, Grant Reynard, who was vacationing in Jamestown, painted a watercolor of the auction scene that was purchased by the late Harry Burn for $150 in 1947. It hung in the morning room at Hathburn Farm, Niota, TN until 2002, when it was removed to the book room at Rotherhill, my ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2010.130.001 - ca 1933

A2010.130.001 - ca 1933

A map showing farms of Jamestown (12"x 27" wide, framed) . There is an inscription on the back " As Thomas Arnold Hazard Tefft remembered these farms and owners when a boy born in 1861 - died 1937. He and mother did this together around 1933 or earlier. - Helen M Tefft dau" From left to right, the map covers the Clarke and Cottrells land as far as the Park Farm or Point. Some farm outbuildings and other features are also noted. The map, as ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2012.134.001 - 2012, January

A2012.134.001 - 2012, January

Eagle scout proposal by Finn Dwyer to clean two historic cemeteries - the Arnold cemetery on Beaverhead Farm and the Indian cemetery on Melrose Avenue - and to install a memorial stone for Dr. David Birney in the garden next to the museum. Report and before and after pictures of the project.

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2012.163.001 -

A2012.163.001 -

Notebook containing a variety of material related to Conanicut Park. The material was collected by Sue Maden in preparation for a five-part article by Sue Maden and Helen Richardson. PART I is a 76-page chronology from October 5, 1892 to Dec. 4, 1909. Most of this material is from newspapers. PART 2 contains newspaper advertisements for land auction of farms from newspapers and a copy of a 10-page booklet about land for sale (appears to ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2013.145.001 -

A2013.145.001 -

Plat of Bryer Farm, Daniel Watson sole agent. Copy from Newport Daily News, December 13, 1884 Another copy is from Newport Daily News, October 31, 1886 Terms of sale given. Street included are Bryer Avenue, Calvert Place, Florida Avenue, Mount Hope Avenue, Conanicus Avenue, Bay View Drive Also, photocopy of the plat plan of Bryer Farm, Conanicut Island, R.I., Daniel Watson, Sole Agent, 135 Thames Street, Newport, R.I. 3 pages

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2015.018.001 - 1990, August 18

A2015.018.001 - 1990, August 18

Invitation to event for Save The Bay on the grounds of Fox Hill Farm on August 18, 1990. With cover designed by Evelyn Rhodes

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2017.001.001 - 1783, June 27

A2017.001.001 - 1783, June 27

1783 handwritten document, Report of the Committee Appointed by the General Assembly Relative to the North End Farm on Conanicut. Inquiry in dispute of property between Mr. Shrimpton Hutchinson and his wife Elizabeth and Grizel Apthorp, widow of Charles Apthorp, Esq. of Boston and his son Charles Ward Apthorp. Charles Ward Apthorp received rents of the farm until the year 1779 and since the evacuation of Rhode Island by the British troops. The ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2017.1025.001 - 1962, May 21

A2017.1025.001 - 1962, May 21

Letter on the letterhead of the District Public Works Office First Naval District, Boston, MA. to Terrance F. McGaughan, Stearns Farm, Inc., Eldred Avenue, Jamestown, RI from E.R. Goodwin, Cdr CEC USNR, Assc DPWO for Planning and Real Estate dated May 21, 1962 in response to a request about the possibility of buying Fort Burnside, Beavertail, Jamestown. The letter responses that the parcel of land is being considered for outleasing and if it becom ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of A2017.1025.002 - 1962, May 21

A2017.1025.002 - 1962, May 21

Map of Beavertail showing boundaries of Fort Burnside, U S Government Property showing existing and planned structures and laying out the acreage of the area as US naval Communication Center 18.8 acres, Sewer easement 0.5 acre, Beavertail Point 114.4 acres and U S Coast Guard 7.4 acres. attached to a letter on the letterhead of the District Public Works Office First Naval District, Boston, MA. to Terrance F. McGaughan, Stearns Farm, Inc., Eldred A ...

Record Type: Archive

Image of P1921.003 - Underwood farmhouse

P1921.003 - Underwood farmhouse

Underwood farmhouse. From album: "House on Underwood farm. The first Underwood to live in Jamestown was Henry who became a freeman in 1673. He probably returned to Newport before he died but his children settled here."

Record Type: Photo

Image of P1921.005 - Underwood farm

P1921.005 - Underwood farm

Underwood farm. Note in album: "Entrance and sheds on Underwood Farm." See also note at P1921.004

Record Type: Photo

Image of P1921.007 - Milk house on Eldred farm.

P1921.007 - Milk house on Eldred farm.

Milk house on Eldred farm. Note in album: "Commonly called milkhouse on Eldred farm." It is at Eastern end of Eldred Ave. or Severance Lane. Capt. Eldred was a 'patriot of purest type.' During the Revolution, he mounted a gun on a large rock on his farm and fired at British vessels that passed. When he put a ball through the mainsail of a British vessel, the Commander sent a company ashore to dislodge the crew and spike the gun. They spik ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of P1921.008 - Samuel Carr house

P1921.008 - Samuel Carr house

"Samuel Carr house". Much confusion about this house. Research indicates it was built by Richard Smith of Wickford before 1687 when John Hull bought it. This house on John Hull's "Holly Swamp" farm remained in the Hull family until Samuel Carr bought it from Olive Hull in 1770 (LE 3/368) Destroyed by fire, late 1950s, early 60s. From album (note discrepancy with later research above): "The Samuel Carr house stands at the entrance to Hu ...

Record Type: Photo

Image of P1921.011 - Tiddeman Hull house

P1921.011 - Tiddeman Hull house

Tiddeman Hull house, built about 1840 by Joseph Weeden. It was moved to Thomas Carr Watson Farm, about 1940 when Jamestown Bridge constructed. Note in album: "This house was built for Tideman [sic] Hull about eighty years ago. It is first house on Cemetery Lane after leaving the North Main Road. The carpenter was Mr. Joseph Weeden."

Record Type: Photo

Image of P1921.012 - Hazard Farmhouse

P1921.012 - Hazard Farmhouse

Hazard Farmhouse, owned by three generations of Carrs, six generations of Hazards. Oldest part built about 1760. Destroyed by fire December 16, 2007. Note in album (over this photo and the next): "The Hazard Farm. This house stands on the south side of Cemetery Lane beyond the Cemetery, In olden times the lane extended to the west shore where a ferry was located. As near as I can find out Thomas Hazard, son of Jeremiah Hazard of North Kingston ...

Record Type: Photo