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Image of 2011.031.001 - Drawing

2011.031.001 - Drawing

Drawing of a sitting dog with an Army hat on. The framed picture has the initials EC which match with the signature in the town records of Ed Connelly. It is thought that the drawing might have been created in early 1990s for an exhibit on back to the forties and might be a representation of Sgt. Murphy, canine mascot in 1941 at Fort Wetherill. This supposition was made after consulting a number of JHS records. There is no proof. The ramed pi ...

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Image of 2013.113.001 - Tube, vacuum

2013.113.001 - Tube, vacuum

Three vacuum radio tubes were found in 2013 at the Battery by the donor. They are probably from the Navy Radio Receiving Station that was located in a Quonset hut near where the Battery parking lot is now.

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Image of 2013.116.004 - Band, hat

2013.116.004 - Band, hat

Band, gold, for hat Stamped on back: Navy Std 990/20 Hilborn Manufacturers, Vikaloi?

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Image of 2015.113.001 - Matchbook

2015.113.001 - Matchbook

Matchbook cover: U.S. Army Harbor Defenses of Narragansett Bay

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Image of 2015.115.001 - Matchbook

2015.115.001 - Matchbook

Matchbook for Fort Wetherill Jamestown, R.I. U.S. Army Harbor Defenses of Narragansett Bay Universal Match Corp, New York

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Image of 2016.057.001 - T-Shirt

2016.057.001 - T-Shirt

Navy blue T-shirt for Rhode Island Natural History Survey. BioBlitz 2012. Jamestown, Rhode Island June 8 & 9. On front is drawing of Horsehoe Crab Limulus polyphemus by Maryann England On back is map of Conanicut Island with location of BioBlitz. Hodgkiss Farm, host. Dutra Farm, Windmist Farm & Historic New England's Watson Farm. Hosted by: Jamestown Conservation Commission. Sponsored by Roger Williams Park Zoo, Town of Jamestown, Conanicu ...

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Image of 2017.1003.001 - Uniform

2017.1003.001 - Uniform

Navy Yomen First Class WWI uniform belonging to Bertha Richardson Brager donated by Dot Richardson Blythe. It consists of a coat and skirt. The coat has the insignia of a yomen first class (three red stripes below a white eagle with crossed white quills in between). The coat and skirt are made out of navy serge. The coat has three buttons on one sleeve and two on the other. Two of the three closure buttions are in place as well as a button to ...

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Image of 2017.1021.001 - Flag

2017.1021.001 - Flag

Jamestown Yacht Club race flag for the 25th Anniversary. Navy material with white lettering.

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Image of 2017.1021.002 - Flag

2017.1021.002 - Flag

Jamestown Yacht Club race flags for 1987 to 1997, 1999 to 2001, and 2006. White material with navy lettering. except for the year 2000 which was navy with white lettering. Fifteen Flags of which 14 are white with navy and one is navy with white lettering.

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Image of 2017.1022.001 - Flag

2017.1022.001 - Flag

Jamestown Historical Society pennant made for the Jamestown Flag Exhibit 2004 by Rose Karentz. Two sided white with navy lettering and windmill symbol of the Jamestown Historical Society incorporated 1912.

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Image of 2017.1029.001 - Flag

2017.1029.001 - Flag

Jamestown Yacht Club race flags 1985. White with navy lettering.

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Image of 2017.1029.002 - Flag

2017.1029.002 - Flag

Jamestown Yacht Club race flags 1986. White with navy lettering.

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Image of 2017.1029.003 - Flag

2017.1029.003 - Flag

Conanicut Yacht Club race flags 100 anniversary. Navy with white lettering.

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Image of 2017.104.002 - Patch

2017.104.002 - Patch

Oval patch for "Clark Boat Yard & Marine Works Jamestown, Rhode Island since 1934" White, navy, and silver in color

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Image of 2017.1044.001 - Button

2017.1044.001 - Button

Button suporting the Jamestown Middle School Band Booster. Yellow with navy lettering with a green sketch of a saxaphone and a music note.

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Image of 2017.105.001 - Burgee

2017.105.001 - Burgee

Navy colored burgee with yellow carpenter's plane inside an oval. Logo for Jamestown Boat Yard.

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Image of A2007.005.010 - 1907

A2007.005.010 - 1907

Christmas menu from the U.S.S. Franklin, Navy Yard, Norfolk Va.

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Image of A2007.090.010 - 1938

A2007.090.010 - 1938

Ferry schedule after 1938 hurricane. "U.S. Navy Ferryboat 'Narragansett' Operated by Municipally Owned Jamestown & Newport Ferry Company: Effective Oct 9, 1938; Limited to 150 Passengers, 8 Vehicles. Weather Permitting." On other side describes hurricane damage that occured Sept 21, 1938.

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Image of A2009.603.057 - 1941, 1942

A2009.603.057 - 1941, 1942

Photos sent to V. Karentz from Marty Dwyer. Eleven 4"x5' photos of mines, antisubmarine nets and Beavertail (HECP) taken November 7, 1941. Two 8"x10" photos, one of which is an aerial photo taken March 1, 1942 of Beavertail. All except number 12 of 13 stamped "This is an official photograph. property of the Navy Dept." Notes on reverse of photos #2 of 13 - Net Tender #3 of 13 - Net Floats #9 of 13 - Anti-submarine nets Narragansett Bay

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Image of A2009.956.001 - 1946

A2009.956.001 - 1946

A color print of a painting from 1946 of a dispersal auction scene at Fox Hill Farm held in August 1946. An accomanying letter says that "A well-known American artist, Grant Reynard, who was vacationing in Jamestown, painted a watercolor of the auction scene that was purchased by the late Harry Burn for $150 in 1947. It hung in the morning room at Hathburn Farm, Niota, TN until 2002, when it was removed to the book room at Rotherhill, my ...

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