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Image of P2016.122.014 - Heather and Donald Minto

P2016.122.014 - Heather and Donald Minto

Heather and Donald Minto. Photograph used in Legendary Locals of Jamestown by Rosemary Enright and Sue Maden, 2014. p.111 [caption] Heather and Donald Minto Thomas Carr Watson Jr. bequeathed the 265-acre Watson family farm to Historic New England with the stipulation that it be operated as a working farm. The Mintos, the managers of the farm since 1980, continue Jamestown’s long tradition of pastoral husbandry while using modern farming techn ...

Object Type: Photo

Image of P2017.019.002 - The Harbor Entrance Command Post building

P2017.019.002 - The Harbor Entrance Command Post building

The Harbor Entrance Command Post building on the Beavertail State Park. This building monitored all the comings and goings of military shipping while minding the horizon against possible enemy attack. A thicket of radio antennae, backed up by the latest radar, the command post posed as an innocent farm house. Within it was a hardened military observation post on top of a war-room bunker that served as the eyes and ears of a network of 3 inch and ...

Object Type: Photo

Image of T2007.045.018 - 1788-05-24

T2007.045.018 - 1788-05-24

Records; handwritten deposition of Matthew and Sarah Greenold that as tenants on the farm of Captain Freebody that an Indian woman named Mercy came with his servants and brought with her a child named Harriot [the same one sent from Newport to Jamestown]; testimony sworn May 24, 1788.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2010.003.024 - 1827, June 9

T2010.003.024 - 1827, June 9

George Knowles coroner. Summon 16 lawful men to the farm of Caleb Weaver to view the body laying dead, his name and cause of death unknown.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2010.003.027 - 1865

T2010.003.027 - 1865

Town Council offers $250-300. reward for arrest and conviction of person or persons who set fire to the farm of late Samuel T. Oman of Jamestown destroying the dwelling house, wood house and crib. No year recorded.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2013.002.003 - 1822/ 03

T2013.002.003 - 1822/ 03

Ferry Lease dated March, 1822. Joseph and Benjamin Congdon of Jamestown for and in consideration of the rents and covenants herein after mentioned to be performed and done by Benjamin Chappell of Jamestown do hereby lease and to farm let unto the Benjamin Chappell and to his heirs ... for the space of one year ... certain lot of land lying in Jamestown aforesaid with the dwelling, house, barn wharfe ferry boat.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2013.005.014 - 1772/04/18

T2013.005.014 - 1772/04/18

Letter written in Boston from Governor Thomas Hutchinson to the Jamestown Town Council, re: Isaac Pierce, his farm tenant in Jamestown, regarding a warning to Pierce to leave Jamestown that was issued every half year. There is reference by Hutchinson’s as to unfamiliarity with the laws of the colony of RI and Providence Plantations written with conciliatory wording and dated April 18, 1772.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2013.019.001 - 1784

T2013.019.001 - 1784

Property record. Text is: "A list of my Rateable State 1784 No. 22 360 Acres Land 33 Cows, 4 Oxen, one Two year old Heffer, 1 DoDo Bull(?), Ten year old Horse, 1 Do 3 year old, 1 Do 2 years old, 12 Hoggs, 6 Silver Spoons, 6 Do Teaspoons, Cash 50, obligations against one to the Mount of 80 Dollars more than I have owing to one. En. Except (?) (signed) Job Watson." Note in pencil on index card: "This was the Point Farm at the northern tip o ...

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2014.300.011 - 1797/05/15

T2014.300.011 - 1797/05/15

Town meeting - May 15, 1797. John Weeden, moderator. Voted that James Carr be town treasurer and appear in thismeeting and took the oath against bribery and corruption and the J. Carr is to act in the office of Treasurer for lawful fees. It is voted and resolved by this meeting that a petition be drawn by the clerk to be laid before General Assembly concerning our present tax by the clerk in behalf of the town. It is voted and resolved by this mee ...

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.077 - May 20, 1830

T2014.402.077 - May 20, 1830

Payment of $1.25 to Peleg Potter by Thomas Carr for repairs to the farm house.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2014.402.098 -

T2014.402.098 -

Order given to pay Daniel Howland for various labor and materials from May 12, 1827 to August 27, 1827. They included payments for serving on the Council, removing Gorton Briggs to the Poor Farm, keeping and clothing Thomas Carr, and materials and labor on the bridge and roads in the amount of $23.18. Approved by the Town on August 6, 1828.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2014.700.040 - 1791, April 12

T2014.700.040 - 1791, April 12

To Town Sargent, Abel Franklin From John Eldred, Warden of the Peace You are required to warn all the freemen of the town and the town council to meet at the house of John Remington on Wednesday, April 20,1791, for the election of town officers for the year, to choose two deputies to represent the town in general assembly and proxy for governor and general officers, to take into consideration the disposing of a certain highway running through ...

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2015.600.027 - 1784

T2015.600.027 - 1784

November 23, 1784 List of all by rateable estate both real and personal: 82 acres of my land, 200 acres belonging to J. Clarke, 16 cows,2 oxen , 6 two-year-old and 6 year-old horses, ..., 16 sheep, silver plate, one porridge, 9 large spoons, 9 small ditto, a debt owned to me of 115 pound lawful money, I owe three hundred pound lawful money justly. John Howland

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2015.600.028 -

T2015.600.028 -

Rateable estate John Eldred - pair oxen, 1 cow, 1 mare, 35 sheep, 2 yearling pigs Debt - a note of hand against for 103 pounds payable on demand.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2015.600.036 - 1787

T2015.600.036 - 1787

Jamestown - September 26, 1787 "You Rowland Robinson do solemnly declare in the presence of the Almighty God what you have here unto ... a true list of your rateable estate both real and personal and this engagement you make and give upon the peril and pennalty of perjury" List: 180 acres of land, ten cows, one horse, two swine, one hundred ounces of ..., five sheep as to my money. In debt by three thousand dollars more than I have owe to me.

Object Type: Archive

Image of T2016.400.200 - November 1, 1852

T2016.400.200 - November 1, 1852

Petition to lay out a road from the East end of the town beach where the road now ends to or near the gate at the south end of Stoney Lane. To the honorable town council of the town of Jamestown, State of Rhode Island. Next to be holden at the Town House on 1st day of November 1852 First: the road is frequently washed out by heavy seas during the spring tide and the bank is eroded by sea action. Secondly: the way of travel is private proper ...

Object Type: Archive