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Image of 2014.050.001 - Gauge, Steam Pressure

2014.050.001 - Gauge, Steam Pressure

Pressure gauge from the ferry boat Governor Carr, steam double spring, made by Lonergan Phil.

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Image of 2014.100.002 - Blanket

2014.100.002 - Blanket

Blanket, of probably mixed materials,"Jamestown, R.I." at top. shape of "Conanicut Island," scenes of Plum Point light, 1899; Bay View Hotel, 1889; Old Grist Mill, 1787; Dutch Light, 1857; town seal; Beavertail Light, 1749; North Light 1886; Ferry Company - Conanicut ferryboat , 1873-1969; Town Hall, 1883; Fire Dept., 1894; Clingstone, 1904

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Image of 2014.112.001 - Painting

2014.112.001 - Painting

A painting of a Jamestown ferry from the inside of cars entering the boat at night as viewed from the upper deck. It was painted by Carolyn Sullivan. The back of the painting has a pieces of paper with the following: Carolyn Sullivan Bryer Avenue "The Last Trip" $225 In April 20122 Rosemary Enright received a call from Marcelle Caravant, herself a watercolorist, regarding this painting, owned by her sister, Mrs. Marie (Mrs. James) Bett ...

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Image of 2015.019.004 - T-shirt

2015.019.004 - T-shirt

Rocket Hogzilla East Ferry, July 2014. With drawing by Don Bousquet. On back sponsors Overhead Door Garage Headquarters, Narragansett Cafe, Fish, JMS Naval Architects Salvage Engineers, Peter J. Schott D.M.D., Lila Delman Real Estate, Rum Runner, Conanicut Marine Services, Clark Boat Yard & Marine Works, Well Works, Sir Speedy, Grapes and Gourmet, Ace's, Baker's Pharmacy, Jamestown Boat Yard, Island Rubbish Service, Chopmist Charlies, Jamestown W ...

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Image of 2015.019.005 - T-shirt

2015.019.005 - T-shirt

Yeehaa! Rocket Hogs. East Ferry Launch control Jamestown, R.I. With drawing by Don Bousquet. On back sponsors Overhead Garage Headquarters, Narragansett cafe, Fish, Latitude, Spinnakers, Lila Delman Real Estate, JMS Naval Architects Salvage Engineers, Well Works, Conanicut Marine Services, Sir Speedy, Chopmist Charlies, Bank Newport, Grapes and Gourmet, Jamestown Boat Yard, Island Realty, island Rubbish Service, Clark Boat Yard & Marine Works, T ...

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Image of 2015.029.001 - Cabinet, Display

2015.029.001 - Cabinet, Display

Display cabinet from Kerry Sheehan's Rum Runner shop at East Ferry. Plaque mounted on cabinet reads "In Memory of William S. and Marion T. Sheehan"

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Image of 2015.030.001 - Cabinet, Display

2015.030.001 - Cabinet, Display

Display cabinet from Jamestown Designs. Used in Jamestown Designs for 43 years until the shop's closing in 2015. Previously in Lang's dry goods store on East Ferry

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Image of 2015.111.003 - Key chain

2015.111.003 - Key chain

Key chain with image of Newport Bridge. Looks like a film strip. On front www.viewthisamerica.com. On reverse: View This. Selections include local landmarks, landscapes, and waterfall scenes. Jamestown, R.I. 401-640-4823

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Image of 2015.112.001 - Rug, Throw

2015.112.001 - Rug, Throw

Designed and hand hooked rug by Ann Hackett Hutchinson, June 1996. Around the edges are shells and sea animals. In the center are a compass, Beavertail Lighthouse, Clingstone, Brenton Reef Lightship, Jamestown Bridge, Newport Bridge, sailboat, map of island. Label on back: Designed and Hand Hooked by Ann Hutchinson, Jamestown, R.I., June 1996

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Image of 2015.117.001 - Telephone number list

2015.117.001 - Telephone number list

A metal spring (3 inches wide) with a ring at the top to probably hang on the wall near a telephone. An oil paper list pulls down to record names, phone numbers and phone exchanges. Listed in pen and pencil are Jamestown businesses (Druggist, Buckley's Market, Watson's Store, Gladding's Store, Jamestown Bakery, Ellis Grocery, Gardner House, Adam's Express), town sites (clerk, fire, police, Ferry Co.), and persons (Capt. Carr, Dr. Mendenhall, Aaron ...

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Image of 2016.005.001 - Print

2016.005.001 - Print

Jamestown 1900. Print by Maxwell Mays, 1991. 9 of 1200 prints. Islands have a special enchantment. This is true and Jamestown/Conanicut is high on the list....The scene of the hotels now and the Newport Ferry Landing is to show what an active stage for summer delights it was. Scene of East Ferry with Thorndike Hotel, Bay View Hotel, Conanicut ferryboat and General ferryboat. Printed by Meridian Printing East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

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Image of 2016.057.001 - T-Shirt

2016.057.001 - T-Shirt

Navy blue T-shirt for Rhode Island Natural History Survey. BioBlitz 2012. Jamestown, Rhode Island June 8 & 9. On front is drawing of Horsehoe Crab Limulus polyphemus by Maryann England On back is map of Conanicut Island with location of BioBlitz. Hodgkiss Farm, host. Dutra Farm, Windmist Farm & Historic New England's Watson Farm. Hosted by: Jamestown Conservation Commission. Sponsored by Roger Williams Park Zoo, Town of Jamestown, Conanicu ...

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Image of 2016.058.002 - Rubbing

2016.058.002 - Rubbing

Rubbing of WPA marker at East Ferry which reads "Built by Works Progress Administration 1935-1938" Rubbing mounted in frame

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Image of 2016.101.001 - Charm

2016.101.001 - Charm

Charm of Newport Bridge given to employees of the Ferry Division by Gov. Chaffee when the ferry ended and the bridge opened.

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Image of 2016.102.001 - Towel, dish

2016.102.001 - Towel, dish

Dish, or tea, towel with the map of "Jamestown Rhode island on Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay Name for King James II." Depictions of seal of town, Windmill 1789, Clingstone 1904, Jamestown Bridge 1940, Early Carr Ferry 1675,, Beavertail Light 1745. Believed to have been designed by June L. Webb. Somewhat faded.

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Image of 2016.118.002 - Button

2016.118.002 - Button

Round button celebrating the opening of the "Jamestown-Verrazzano Bridge. WALK/DON'T WALK . I walked the bridge. October 1992" Designed by Don Bosquet. A similar design is on a t-shirt for the same occasion

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Image of 2017.1009.001 - Painting

2017.1009.001 - Painting

12" x 9" oil painting of West Ferry by Fay Deemer who with her husband Bob Deemer farmed for several years on the farmland south of Fort Getty. Fay displayed her works in the 1950s including at the 1953 Umbrella Art Fair on the Newport Art Association grounds August 28th and at the 1954 Newport RI Art Association paintings from Art Association School of Art on display at the Bellevue Avenue galleries May 11th.

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Image of 2017.1015.001 - Quilt

2017.1015.001 - Quilt

Jamestown Quilt 1975 Created by the Jamestown Junior Women's Club. Quilt is made up of 32 squares. On the back of the quilt is a list of the names of quilter and the square they made. "Ships Wheel - Mickey Musselman, Anchor - Jayne Nightingale, Compass - Chris Newberry, Ship's Wheel - Linda Brodin, Sailboat - Gabe Reed, School House - Pam Smith, Sailboat - Jan Martin, Compass - Joann Head, Fire Station - Barb Conn, Carr Homestead - Sue Wright ...

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Image of 2017.1043.001 - Float, Life

2017.1043.001 - Float, Life

Life vest from the Ferry Boat Wildwood. Orange stamped Adult Wilson Line, Inc, Wilmington, DEL, Approval Number A223. Contents: cork.

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Image of A2006.008.001 -

A2006.008.001 -

A small brochure, 3.5" x 5" describing the Bay View Hotel. Green cover has the words "Bay View Hotel, Jamestown, R.I." with a sketch of the hotel. Inside are 7 pages of text and the following pictures: 1. Baptist, Catholic, and Episcopal Churches 2. A variety of sports 3. Jamestown Ferry 4. Along the shore, Jamestown 5. On the Cliff Walk, Jamestown 6. The Harbor, Jamestown 7. Shore-by-hill Park, Jamestown 8. U.S.S..Mississippi 9. Mack ...

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