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Image of 1921.001.001 - Rug

1921.001.001 - Rug

Handmade rug. Caption found 2/25/2004: This floral patterned rug was hand stitched in the first half of the 19th century by Mary Howland Gardiner whose home was near Hanging Rock in Newport. After her husbands death she returned to Jamestown and lived on a farm, about a mile south of the East Ferry. This land was inherited from her father, Daniel Howland, great-grandfather of Mary Howland Garidner Clarke. Very unusual construction accordi ...

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Image of 1952.001.001 - Ladle

1952.001.001 - Ladle

Ladle; brass bowl with iron handle. It was used at the Weeden farm to fill warming pans with coal. See the Building Boom book, page 140, for more information on the Weeden Farmhouse. It measures nearly 17 inches long and the bowl has a diameter of 5.25 inches.

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Image of 1972.005.004 - Blanket

1972.005.004 - Blanket

Blanket, white wool multicolor border 64 by 72 inches. Commercially woven from wool from Hazard farm sheep

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Image of 1989.008.001 - Bell

1989.008.001 - Bell

Sheep bell from Cedar Hill Farm. Possibly from the 20th century.

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Image of 1990.001.001 - Painting

1990.001.001 - Painting

Jamestown Sheep or Conanicut Sheep, oil painting on canvas by J Davis. Turn of the century view of Mrs B. E. Hull's flock on her farm at the north end of the island, near the Crusher. Gift of Elizabeth McCallen, daughter of Mrs. B.E. Hull. Elaborate gold painted wooden frame approxiately 2.5 in. deep.

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Image of 1995.002.001 - Sign

1995.002.001 - Sign

sign: MID -ISLAND FARM, from Severance Farm.

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Image of 2006.191.001 - flag

2006.191.001 - flag

One of two blue pennants with white markings which show the seal of the Jamestown and Jamestown, Rhode Island. Sheep has a tail on the seal.

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Image of 2006.191.002 - flag

2006.191.002 - flag

One of two blue pennants with white markings which show the seal of the Jamestown and Jamestown, Rhode Island. Sheep has a tail on the seal.

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Image of 2007.023.002 - QUILT

2007.023.002 - QUILT

Quilt, made from family clothing, probably made by great-grandmother of Caroline Hull Head who lived at Rosemary Lane Farm, now occupied by Bob Sutton (as of 2007). Donor will provide more genealogical information. Quilt is called "Log Cabin" -- agreat design to use scraps of fabric

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Image of 2011.022.001 - Ribbon, Commemorative

2011.022.001 - Ribbon, Commemorative

A red ribbon "Eastern R.I. Farm Bureau 4-H Clubs. Make Your Best Better B" There is also a tag that says Awarded to Lee Bowen Newport County Project: sewing-clothing Year: 1948

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Image of 2011.037.002 - sign

2011.037.002 - sign

A wooden sign with metal letters for GODENA'S GARAGE. It was run by John P. Godena, Sr. (1907-1991) The garage existed at 26 North Road from 1952-1972, now 27 North Main Road where Cumberland Farm now exists.

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Image of 2014.023.001 - Print

2014.023.001 - Print

Print of painting by Joseph Szarek from 1986 of Jamestown Bridge with view from Watson Farm. Print 96/950. Framed by Jamestown Designs. Dimensions include frame.

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Image of 2014.104.001 - Painting

2014.104.001 - Painting

Framed oil painting by Nicholas Biddle Jr., "North End of the Island." Donors indicated with the donation that the painting depicts a scene in front of the boathouses at Stearns Farm. The boathouse, 1930s, were designed by Maurice Stearns. It is donated in honor of the artist who painted it.

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Image of 2015.111.001 - Pin

2015.111.001 - Pin

Sheep pin, sterling, copyright BREAKELL

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Image of 2016.057.001 - T-Shirt

2016.057.001 - T-Shirt

Navy blue T-shirt for Rhode Island Natural History Survey. BioBlitz 2012. Jamestown, Rhode Island June 8 & 9. On front is drawing of Horsehoe Crab Limulus polyphemus by Maryann England On back is map of Conanicut Island with location of BioBlitz. Hodgkiss Farm, host. Dutra Farm, Windmist Farm & Historic New England's Watson Farm. Hosted by: Jamestown Conservation Commission. Sponsored by Roger Williams Park Zoo, Town of Jamestown, Conanicu ...

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Image of 2016.116.001 - Patch

2016.116.001 - Patch

Jamestown Police Department patch with town seal in center and James Town Inc. Inc. 1678. There are two patches, sheep less well defined in one of them.

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Image of 2016.117.001 - Painting

2016.117.001 - Painting

Oil painting by JAS Monks of sheep going over the Great Creek with the windmill in the background. First photo shows oil painting before restoration and reframing. Second photo shows oil painting after restoration and reframing.

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Image of 2017.029.008 - Flag

2017.029.008 - Flag

Jamestown Flag manufactured by Dura-Lite. 3X5 ft. Surf green background with sheep and date 1678 on shield. The name Jamestown arched across the top. R.I. at the bottom

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Image of 2017.031.001 - Flag

2017.031.001 - Flag

Early Design of the Jamestown flag. The flag with a "surf green" background with a sheep on a shield decorating its center. The name "Jamestown" is arched across the top.

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Image of A1990.011.001 - 1967, Feb. 14

A1990.011.001 - 1967, Feb. 14

Copy of log from the Steamer Jamestown. Entry is the last day that Captain William Pemantal-Master worked. Feb. 14 1967. Wm.Pemantel, long time ferryboat captain, grew up on the Sherman farm (site of Jamestown schools).

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